Doc Kavanagh's Official Music Site

My hope and prayer is that you will sing these songs,
and use them to praise the Lord with all your heart.

I started playing guitar as a teen in the 1960s and continued playing for most of my adult life. I was blessed to have my wonderful wife Sue partner with me for many of the projects I was involved in. Playing rock music on weekends proved to be a great training ground for what we do now which is to worship God through music.

God has blessed me with the ability to write Christian songs and many of them sound much like the rock and roll songs that I grew up playing. You might well hear the influence of the Beatles or Rolling Stones in some of my songs. The lyrics for the most part are inspired from Bible readings or Sunday sermons. I thank God for blessing me with the inspiration and ability to do what I do and for my wonderful wife that has supported my music for all these years.

God has also blessed Sue and me with the opportunity to lead folks in Sunday morning worship and this has proven to be a source of great joy for us. Also, from time to time we have been blessed with the opportunity to work with children and teens. I would have to say that teaching and worshiping with young people has proven to be the source of greatest joy for us. Kids are so wonderful; they sing and praise God with all their hearts!

I have included some pictures of these awesome kids on my website, as well as some photos from the recording sessions at my good friend Gary Cooper’s recording studio.

Thanks to Gary for all his help, mentoring, prayer, and friendship. Thanks also to my wonderful wife Sue for her contribution on keyboards and vocals. Sue and our good friends Robin Day, Kelli Farrell, and Sonya Catalino provided the background vocals and Sonya sang lead on CALL ON THE NAME . Thank you Steve Fortunato for the most excellent drums and Erik Neilson for his great tenor sax !

I have also included a link to The Water Project. Millions of children suffer; many of them die just because they do not have access to clean drinking water. Please help them. All of the proceeds from this album will go to this organization.

My hope and prayer is that you will sing these songs, perhaps in your own church, and use them to praise the Lord with all your heart.